Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Sorry I Haven't Written On Here In So Long

But I just built this site and this is the first post. It would have been physically impossible to post on a website that did not previously exist. Why not hold the universe responsible for not existing before the Big Bang was even a twinkle in its grandfather's eye while you hold me to the fire for leaving you high and dry?

That is cyber abuse. 

The demands of this dilettantish pursuit are becoming all too clear now. I might need to take a break after this post.

To wit, to come: more meta from the Mind of Greg McKenna.


  1. First comment FTW! NATCH! SNARTCH!

  2. Why don't you give the people a link to McSweeney's, and where we might be able to comment on how we are highly anticipating the release of Slam Dunk? Let's get this shit moving, the people have spoken!