Saturday, March 19, 2011

Black Friday Friday Friday

If you think the internet is some kind of democracy because you made it rain and Bahrain buckled to your e-blasts or Egypt truckled to your twitters in Tarir check out how Rebecca Black takes you to school. Welcome to the new totalitarianism... 

  • where: voice = nothing [v = Ø ]
  • or: nothing is a voi(d)ce [v + ice = no shame]
  • when shame + dash of white pepper = Vanille Ice

Rebecca Black is the New Tarir Square. (Irony? No. Insofar as torture and silencing happened there.) Allow me to grab you with some screen grabs.

Mainly, here's my point. Well, a point. If your wagon is hitched to a shooting star made completely of negativity, wouldn't it make more sense to leave the nasty comments out to dry in the fresh air, i.e the I-hope-you-cut-yourselfs and please-get-an-eating-disorders and you-sucks of the world?

Negativity is working here for the best. And people need something to hate. It keeps them happy. Especially when they are powerless to help or do anything productive about the shitstorms currently coating other parts of the world.

Internet impotence, in a way.

So, my Becky, you owe it to us to give us what we want. The hate. We made you famous, so let us get our jollies off.

Because, shouldn't we learn to accept the criticism? And I'm not talking about retroactively changing your game around, like Tommy Wiseau did, claiming that it was a joke from the beginning. People try to save so much goddamned face these days. Like when someone with a degree in anything from a PhD in Political Science to a PhD in Gun Repair calls Sarah Palin a giggling ignorant slice of slut-cake she will invariably hold a press conference to embrace the new sobriquet and possibly a recipe for slut-cake. Why not just live in disgrace? Just own up to your failure. What's with all the comebacks? All the Haitian dictators coming home to roost? All the blogging? 

Just once I want to hear someone owning up to their lackluster intelligence, creativity or genes that doesn't somehow put them in a respectable, "can-do" light.

Sometimes the American Dream is NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK. So don't come crying to me when the entirety of humanity has been "flagged as spam."

Anywhat, that's my two cents on perhaps the most important current event in the world right now, but as always, one should never take advice from a loser who doesn't have two dimes to rub together.

If you don't know what or who I'm talking about, well, let me google that for you.


  1. I had to google it.

    My one takeaway: Usher has really fallen off.

  2. This has been flagged as spam.