Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Ten Moments From Last Night's 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

10. Brian May May Not Have Bitten the Dust Yet and Is Still a Champion (To Me)
I'm a huge classic rock buff, so seeing Brian May come out and really rock with Lady Gaga made my day. It made my whole night to see one of the old lords of the dance come out and show that "the wrinkles can still wrock!" and still rock. So what should we call this new band? Lady Brian? Gagamay?

9. Katy Prry's Very Prrrty!. . . Meow Sexy Outfit
Oh no she di-int. Say what you want about Lady Katie's dozen or so #1 collaborations with #1 songwriter Dr. Luke, she has class, she has style... and she really turned some heads on the red carpet with her eye-catching dress.