Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pictures of Hurricanes With Belly Button Rings

Working on a new Photoshop series. Hurricanes with belly button rings. That is what is hot right now, and is trending on websites.

Sandy, you old girl, don't you know you can't hit New York without the latest styles?

 This one is about the legalization of medicinal drug lords...

And this one.

Is probably about something.

Here's another one.

Here's one by another dude. Get at him. It might be better than any of mine except maybe the baller ornate one above with the dangling chads.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 30. For some reason Josh burned the midnight oil last night making more and more hurricanes with belly button rings. Good on him, for sure, but I'm still going to the prom with Sandy, Josh, sorry! :-(

This one reminds me of Ponce De Leon. 

Southern belle...